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T+innovation Challenge is a place where kids will learn to think-as opposed to the traditional education system that teaches them to remember things! it is a celebration of innovation. An event which applauds the creative spirit in children. A platform you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The key factors that separate this event from other science and robotics-centric events are-

  • We not only assess the final project, but the quality of the idea too.

  • We encourage children for their grit and passion.

  • With mentoring support and assistance, students avail help when they need.

  • "Once an innovator, always an innovator "-thus we don't stop at rewarding the best innovator but provide continued hand-holding even after the challenge, helping kids develop products that can solve real-world issues.

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  • Online registration and idea

  • Idea assessment and shortlisting

  • Announcement of top ideas

  • Prize distribution for winners

  • Registration opens for stage 2

  • 01 Jun '19 to 31 Jul '19

    Online registration and idea submission

  • 01 Aug '19 to 31 Aug '19

    Evaluation of qualified ideas

  • 01 Sept '19

    Announcement of top ideas

  • 02 Sept '19 to 15 Sept '19

    Prize distribution

  • 16 Sept '19 to 30 Sept '19

    Registration open for stage 2

  • 9.00 AM


  • 10.00 AM

    Advanced SVG Animations

  • 11.00 AM

    Presenting Work with Confidence

  • 12.00 AM

    Keynote on UX & UI Design

  • 1.00 PM

    The End

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